RAM memory question

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RAM memory question

Hello and thank you very much in advance, I did the scan of my Laptop and i got these results :
Your ASUS X751LK system specs as shipped
  • Maximum Memory:12GB
  • Standard Memory:4GB non-removable
  • Slots:1 (1 bank of 1)
*Not to exceed manufacturer supported memory.
If I understand it correctly I have 4gb ram that i can´t change and 4 gb ram that i can change to 8gb to get max RAM from my computer?
If it so, your site showed me that there are two 8gb ram possibilities for my computer :
Crucial 8GB DDR3L-1600 SODIMM


Crucial 8GB DDR3L-1866 SODIMM Can I ask what is the difference between these two? (why is one more expensive than the other?)

Thank you very much.
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Re: RAM memory question

The second one is a bit faster memory 1866MHz.   I would save the few dollars and go with the first one rated at 1600MHz as the non-removable memory is most likely rated for 1600MHz and the system will only run the memory as fast as the slowest installed module.