RAM upgrade of Vostro 15 3559

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RAM upgrade of Vostro 15 3559

Hello everyone,,,

I am currently looking into upgrading my laptops RAM and I am unsure of whether to buy 8GB or 16GB. I also need some help with understanding https://inro.in/gotomeeting/ the Slots: 2 (2 banks of 1). Does this mean that I can put in 2x8GB to make 16GB or does is support it with the original 4GB if https://inro.in/irfanview/ I add in a 16GB? Or is it a case of taking out the original 4GM https://inro.in/town-of-salem/ altogether and replacing it?


I am upgrading for better usage when gaming as my laptop cannot really handle it and I don't want to buy a new PC/laptop. 


Hope this all makes sense!!!

Thank you,...

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Re: RAM upgrade of Vostro 15 3559

You have two memory slots in your laptop each of which can accept an 8GB module.  One of the slots is filled with the original 4GB module.  So to upgrade to 16GB you would need to remove the original 4GB module and  purchase 2x8GB modules. 


If you are not sure how much memory you want and money is tight, then I suggest you start with adding just a single 8GB module and keep your original 4GB stick as that will give you a total of 12GB.  If you decide you need to have the full 16GB, then you can purchase another 8GB module and swap it with the original 4GB module.