Ram issue in Dell latitude e6410

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Ram issue in Dell latitude e6410

So I bought a crucial ram 8gb DDR3L 1600 SODIMM 1.35v and put it in my Dell latitude e6410. The computer will turn on and boot up just fine. How ever whenever it tried to go into the windows 10 loading screen it will go about 3 to four dots then go to a blue screen that says "Windows ran into a problem, We will restart for you". It also displays some error message along with the Windows ran into a problem message. It restarts same issue different message. Restarts goes into automatic repair message goes about the same in loading hits me with windows ran into a problem different message. Please help me. I'm a YouTuber and I need this ram so i can do videos. I'm desperate at this point.
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Re: Ram issue in Dell latitude e6410

Check the Dell Service Guide to make sure you are installing it in the correct slot.  The service guide can be found by entering the system Tag Number on the Dell Support site.


Have you tried removing all of the original memory and installing the new RAM in the same slot?  This will eliminate compatibility issues with the existing memory and you know the slot has been working for the original RAM.  


Create a bootable Memtest86 USB drive to test the new memory outside of Windows.  If it fails, then most likely you have a bad memory module or it isn't compatible with the system.  This test is not 100% realiable.  If you get errors, then test again with the original RAM to make sure the test does work with known good RAM in your system.


Did you buy it directly from Crucial using a link from their System Scanner or Advisor tool?  If you bought it elsewhere, is it from a reputable vendor?  A Crucial representative would have to check the part numbers to make sure the module you purchased will work in your system.


Launch Event Viewer and find the log for the crash.  See if it provides any more details about the issue.  Sometimes you can click on a link to get the details.  If not, search for the error code online to see if it is indeed a memory related error or if you might have another issue.


Double check the memory is fully seated and check that you didn't accidently loosen a cable somewhere while installing the memory.  If your system is dusty you may need to blow some compressed air in the memory slot to clean the dust from it.

Bit Baby

Re: Ram issue in Dell latitude e6410

Yes I've tried removing the original memory and placing the other ram stick in there. Same issue. Thing it though when I put it in there the first time. I ran diagnostics and everything passed. I also didn't buy it from crucial. I got it off ebay because it was cheaper. I'm really desperate right now. My budget isn't very large right now. Which is why I tried to get it elsewhere. Please help.
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Re: Ram issue in Dell latitude e6410

Could you please provide clear pictures of both front and back of the part.

Crucial_Benny, Micron CPG Support, US

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