Slow with More Memory

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Slow with More Memory

I've got an older MOBA (Soyo SY-K7VYA-Pro) I trying to upgrade with memory to use Win7. The board has the following requriements: [quote] The motherboard supports the following memory features:  DRAM interface synchronous with host CPU (66/100/133MHz) or AGP (66MHz) for more flexible configuration  DRAM interface may be faster than CPU by 33 MHz to allow use of PC133 memory modules  DRAM interface may be slower than CPU by 33 MHz to allow use of older memory modules with newer CPUs  Concurrent CPU, AGP, and PCI access  Supports SDRAM and VCM SDRAM memory types  Different DRAM types may be used in mixed combinations  Different DRAM timing for each bank  Dynamic Clock Enable (CKE) control for SDRAM power reduction in high speed system.  Mixed 1M/2M/4M/8M/16M/32MxN DRAMs  The K7VTA PRO supports 3 DIMMs or 6 banks at 133MHz for 1.5GB (max memory)  Flexible row and column addresses  64-bit data width and 3.3V DRAM interface  Programmable I/O drive capability for MA, command, and MD signals  Supports PC100 and PC133 SDRAM  Two-bank interleaving for 16Mbit SDRAM support  Two-bank and four bank interleaving for 64Mbit SDRAM support  Independent SDRAM control for each bank [/quote] Board has 3 memory slots. Originally I was running 3 sticks of 256K. I upgraded to 3 sticks of 512K (# PC 133U-222-542-2 512 MB SYNCH, 133 MHZ CL2. Initially I could just get board to run on 1 chip only. After many attempts Reset BIOS to FAIL SAFE and pulled battery. After replacing battery, system works with 3 sticks and stable. After bing stable, I selected BIOS choice "Optimize using defaults" and system still stable. Here are my issues I looking for answers to: 1) With the 256K stickes, I could make a complete mirror copy of my drive (600GB) to another 600GB drive in about 4 hours. With the memory upgrade, I now am told it will take 20 hours to do the same mirroring. Any ideas why? 2) I ran MemTest86+ on the first slot chip by itself and tested good -- after about 10 hours and 9 passes. I then inserted the other two sticks and ran MemTest86+. Received some errors after the Pass #2. Do I need to test each stick individually -- and if they test OK how should I proceed? 3) Also played with BIOS setting "SDRAM Cycle Length" prior to questions #1 and #2. System was stable at with Length set at either 3 or 2. I believe two (2) should give a better memory response. Is this correct? Thanks David
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Re: Slow with More Memory

Hi dw85745,


Thanks for contacting us today. I am sorry for the issues that you are experiencing with your RAM. I would recommend running the mem test with each memory module installed individually, that way the results are more accurate. If the RAM fails you will know that is what is most likely causing the issue. 



YogiH, Crucial Moderator, US

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