Sony Vaio SVF1521AGXB Memory Upgrade

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Sony Vaio SVF1521AGXB Memory Upgrade

Hello Crucial Family

I've been wanting to upgrade my memory RAM for a while now to speed up this laptop which is over 5-6 years old. My laptop is a Sony Vaio SVF1521AGXB.

However I am very confused.  After I run the Crucial System Scanner, it says my laptop is upgradeable to 12 gb.  However it also says,


Slots: 1 (1 bank of 1)

*Not Exceed Manufacturer Supportered Memory of 4 GB

The laptop comes with a standard 4GB.  When I open up the laptop from behind and look at the slots, there is the standard RAM that is soldered onto the motherboard.  However there is another slot available above it that is empty. 

What's the deal and what is going on with this?  Thank you.  I await your reply. 

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Re: Sony Vaio SVF1521AGXB Memory Upgrade

Hello Unfadeable21,


Thank you for your message.  I am sorry for any confusion our website may have caused.  I have had a look in to this further for you. 


As far as I can see, this system can actually support 8GB of memory over one memory slot.  It is possible that it has a 4GB module that can't be removed and an empty slot.  This could be why we recommend 12GB as you can add a single 8GB in the spare slot.


I have checked on the Sony website and also through the details that we have and I'm sorry but I can't get a definitive answer if it can support 12GB or not.  You can certainly install an 8GB module, I'm just not sure if it is in replacement of the existing 4GB or next to it.


The 8GB module you would need is here:


I would recommend double checking with Sony.  I can guarantee that it will support that 8GB module I have linked to.


We do have a great support section of the website that you can see here:  this includes installation guides for memory and SSD's. 


If you do have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 



Crucial_Junket, Crucial Moderator, UK

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