System Scanner opens a notepad text file

Crucial Employee


The System Scanner opens a notepad file. How do I run the scan to see my results?


The System Scanner should open in your default web browser immediately after running the .exe file downloaded from our website. If Windows Notepad opens (usually opening a file named sysprofile.htm) when you run the downloaded file, we recommend setting (or resetting) Internet Explorer as the default browser. The scanner is fully functional with all popular browsers but the steps below can be followed if you encounter problems:


Make Internet Explorer the default Browser:

1. Open up the Control Panel

2. Select "Default Programs" icon

3. Select "Set your Default Programs"

4. Select "Internet Explorer"

5. Select "Set this program as default"

6. Select "OK".


You can now double-click on the System Scanner file if you have downloaded it to your computer, or run it from