Upgrade HP Pavilion 570-p030 memory to 32GB

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Upgrade HP Pavilion 570-p030 memory to 32GB

Wondering if anyone can confirm that HP Pavilion 570-p030 (originally 12GB RAM) can be upgraded to 32GB RAM. 


  • Crucial says 32GB Kit (2 x 16GB) DDR4-2400 UDIMM (CT2K16G4DFD824A) is compatible. 
  • i7-7700 spec page says max RAM is 64GB.
  • HP's description of Lubin motherboard says otherwise (see below):


  • Dual channel memory architecture
  • Two DDR4 UDIMM (288-pin) sockets
  • Supports up to PC4-19200 (DDR4-2400)
  • Supports 2 GB, 4 GB, and 8 GB UDIMMs
  • Supports up to 4 GB on 32-bit systems
    32-bit systems cannot address a full 4.0 GB of memory.
  • Supports up to 16 GB (unbuffered) on 64-bit computers
    Maximum memory shown reflects the capability of the hardware and can be limited further in the operating system.


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Re: Upgrade HP Pavilion 570-p030 memory to 32GB

If you order the memory suggested by Crucial using one of their two tools, then it is guaranteed to be compatible or you can return it.  


Just becauses the CPU can handle 64GB doesn't mean the motherboard is designed to handle it.  


Many times Crucial and others will find certain systems can handle more memory than listed in the original documentation, perhaps due to a later firmware update, or changes in the memory, or people just taking a chance & trying to push the limits of a system and finding it works.  Of course Crucial could have made an error in the listing (mistakes do happen sometimes), but it is still guaranteed or you can return it if you order the parts suggested by Crucial.