Why are there different part numbers?

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Why are there different part numbers?



It is not unusual to see a different part number on the module we shipped you when comparing it to the part number you ordered online. When you order by our System Scanner or using your motherboard/system online, you are shown a part number similar to CTxxxxxx. The part number that you see on your module is the actual module part number, formatted CTxxxxxxxxx.xxx.


If you order by using our System Scanner or motherboard/system information, the shorter part number is printed on your packing list, as it is a reference number so that we can connect the correct module to a specific system. Some modules have similar specifications, but do not work in all systems, so ordering by a specific system ensures we provide a guaranteed compatible part in reference to your system. The two cross-referenced part numbers refer to the same module, only the system-specific (shorter) number is the module paired with the exact system referenced.

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