Why is RAM so expensive? What is the justification?

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Why is RAM so expensive? What is the justification?

There is a lot of hype about DDR4 but it could just have easily fit in to the DDR 3 slots if you just designed them to fit. There realy is no justification for changing the slot and making RAM not backwards compatiable, outside of forcing people in to new motherboards. Why is that RAM prices have not come down significantly even though it is clear by looking at modern ram that far less chips are used in creating the ram. Buying a 4gb DDR4 ECC ram has two tiny chips on the entire stick, yet you want £60 for 4gb?


Why are there no 4 or 8gb VLP modules available and prices for VLP on DDR4 start at £210. Is that a joke? £210 for 16gb of measly little RAM. It cost more than the entire motherboard or CPU. ARE YOU HAVING A LAUGH?

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Re: Why is RAM so expensive? What is the justification?

All memory is built to a JEDC standard and we must follow that. Therefore, memory is not backwards compatible between the memory versions. One thing to remember is that memory is a commodity, price can fluctuate with supply and demand. The demand for DDR4 is currently in high demand (in basically anything, including phones, PCs, etc.).

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