Windows do not load

Kilobyte Kid

Windows do not load

Hello everybody. This is my first post here, since I got my first memory stick from C back in 1998.


I purchased a 2x2GB kit (CT25664AC667.M16FH)  for my wifes' lapton, an Acer Aspire 9430. The kit was selected via Memory Selector for this specific model, and not as OEM RAM.


The problem I am experiencing is that every now and then, while loading Windows 7 64bit, I am getting a blank screen. In order to get it back to work I have to remove the one stick, load Windows, shut it down, put the stick back, and load again. If I leave it with just the one stick, it never happens. With both sticks on, it could happen once in a month, or every day.


I ran every possible test. With one stick, two stick, A stick on B slot, B stick on A slot, etc. Never got any errors. I even ran the test, while Windows wouldn't load. No errors.


How can I resolve this beyond running on 2GB only, or having the stick removed every time?

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: Windows do not load

Anyone...? Smiley Frustrated


Re: Windows do not load


Hello Wizard,


I'm sorry you've not had a response on this yet.  Its quite a strange issue and removing the memory as you are doing is not something you should have to do.  There are a couple of things you could try to help find out what might be causing this and get it resolved. 


First of all, if you still have the old memory, you could try reinstalling that just to see if the issue is still there.  If not, try the old with one of the new, again to see if the problem persists.  It does sound like it is more software related perhaps due to the increase in memory. 


If the old memory works ok, you can try loading in safe mode, this will help determine if third party software and drivers are the issue. 


To do this, please follow the steps below;

1. Install new memory following instructions in the installation guide.
2. Power on the system.
3. You should then see some writing on the screen or a manufacturer’s logo. This stage is the P.O.S.T - Power On Self Test.
4. At this stage please continuously press the 'F8' key. This should then bring up an advanced start-up menu. If the advance menu does not appear and you see the operating systems logo you will have to restart the system and start from step 1 again.
5. From this menu select 'Safemode'

The operating system will start to load. If the operating system fully loads to the desktop with no problems, drivers and/or third party software (e.g. Anti-Virus) is the most likely cause of the issue. Please revert back to original memory to allow the system to boot as normal and download the latest drivers and software updates from the manufacturer’s website.

If it doesn't load then it points to a problem with the memory, however with the testing you've done, you seem to have already established both modules are working ok. 


Let us know how you get on with the above and we can offer further support from there.









Maulmod, Crucial Moderator UK

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