black screen when after installing new crucial ram

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black screen when after installing new crucial ram

hello i recently purchased a 2gb ddr3L-1600 sodimm 1.35v cl11 stick of ram after using the compatibility  tool on your website. when i plug the ram in however whenever i turn my computer on i see nothing but a black screen  only indicator light that shows up is the disk light but that only flashes once or twice.

I have an MSI ge60 2pe apache pro laptop. 

my current stick of ram is 8gb ddr3-1600 1.5v . the 2gb stick of ram that is causing the problems says it can be either 1.35v or 1.5v so i dont think thats the problem. could anyone help? 

i got the new 2gb stick off of amazon through the link crucial provided. i did get it from the amazon warehouse option though, could it just be a broken stick of ram?

i even tried to remove the cmos battery and wait then plug it back in but that didnt do anything either.

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Re: black screen when after installing new crucial ram

First try reseating the RAM making sure it is fully seated and locked in place.


Try moving the original RAM to the other slot to make sure the slot is Ok (leave the new RAM out for this test).


If the original RAM works in the 2nd slot, then remove it.  Install the new RAM in the first slot where the original RAM was installed from the factory.  If the new RAM doesn't work by itself, then you received a defective module.  If it does work, reinstall the original RAM in the 2nd slot.  If it doesn't work with both modules installed, then try resetting the BIOS to defaults (or optimized defaults).  If it still doesn't work, then there may be a compatibility issue with your original RAM.


See here for other tips such as BIOS firmware update and another method to clear the BIOS/CMOS settings, etc.