laptop shuts down when removed from power after memory upgrade

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laptop shuts down when removed from power after memory upgrade

This one is kinda odd. I have an Acer E5-574-58JM laptop that uses DDR3L memory.

A while back, I replaced one module with an 8GB module CT102464BF160B. (Crucial website tool says it's compatible.)

With the new module it worked fine as far as I could tell when I was plugged into the wall, but as soon as it unplugged it usually did an immediate (or almost immediate) hard shutdown. When I removed the new module and put the original module back in, it worked fine, even after I unplugged the main power. I'm pretty sure I also tried each variation swapping in and out of both of the memory slots, but this was a while back.


What might be causing this? I have this theory, probably crazy, that perhaps this module isn't actually working properly at the rated 1.35v low voltage that the DDR3L designates, and instead might only be a regular DDR3 1.5v part. And when it's plugged in it doesn't matter, because the laptop can deliver that when it's plugged in. But when it's unplugged the laptop invokes power savings, and boom, down it goes. 

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Re: laptop shuts down when removed from power after memory upgrade

Hello markzero,


I am sorry to hear that your system does not work with the new memory. The voltage shouldn't cause an issue as the memory is dual voltage and would run at 1.5v if the system required it.  Are you running the memory by itself or with one of the existing memory modules? 

To establish what is causing the problem, please test the memory module in the first slot and leave the second slot empty - all other memory should be removed when trying this. Completing this test will determine if this new module is fully operational when installed individually. 

If it works on its own then it might be a compatability issue with new and old RAM. If it's just the new RAM causing the issue it might be a faulty part and we can exchange under warranty. You would just need to contact us directly using the information in my signature. If the part doesn't work on it's own, it would be useful to know the following information:

- Results from the above testing:
- Operating System:
- Specification of original memory module (details written on the module sticker):

Once I know the above details, I can look into this further for you. In the meantime, please let me know if you have any other questions.

YogiH, Crucial Moderator, US

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