memory scanner downloads but never runs on acer aspire 7750-6423

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memory scanner downloads but never runs on acer aspire 7750-6423

I have an acer aspire 7750-6423 running Windows 10.  When I download the memory scanner it downloads, it asks for system administrator permssion to run, I provide permission, and I never see result. I just used the system memory scanner on Toshiba Satellite laptop a week ago with no problem.


I opened the Acer and there system to be two memory slots in separate locations. Only one filled and thecomputer shows 4GB of memory.


What memory does the laptop use?  With one open slot can I add an 8GB RAM or does it need to be the same size as the other RAM stick?

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Re: memory scanner downloads but never runs on acer aspire 7750-6423

Hello sirdeeker,


Thank you for your message.


First of all, I'm sorry that the system scanner did not work on your system.  I will personally pass your comments on to the web design team to look in to.  If you do run in to this again, please try running the scanner in a different web browser to see if that resolves it.


I have looked in to this model for you and I am happy to see that we do list it on our website.  This system can take 8GB of memory over two memory slots.  This means that each slot can take a maximum of 4GB. 


You said in your comments that you have a single 4GB module installed already.  This means you can add an extra 4GB in to the spare memory slot and it will take you to the maximum it can support.  The single 4GB module I would recommend would be this one:


We do also have a great guide and support section on our website.  This has installation guides and information on how to install your memory.  You can see that on our website here: 


Please enjoy your upgrade and if you do have any other questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask. 

Crucial_Junket, Crucial Moderator, UK

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