Why does my PayPal Account Need to be Verified and Confirmed?

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Why does my PayPal account need to be verified and confirmed?
Verifying your PayPal account and confirming your shipping address with PayPal ensures a higher level of confidence in the buying process and reduces the risk of fraud for both you and Crucial.  PayPal requires verification that the shipment is being sent to the address used for the credit card.  This also helps protect the buyer against identity theft.
At this time, Crucial requires both Payer Verification and Address Confirmation for all orders paid via PayPal.  If either of these processes are incomplete, your order will be canceled and Crucial will not collect payment from your PayPal account.  Both of these processes must be completed with PayPal before placing an order on Crucial.com.  See “How do I become confirmed and verified?” below.


What is a “confirmed” shipping address?

A shipping address is confirmed if the buyer’s credit card billing address matches his or her shipping address.  Additional information on the purpose of a confirmed address and how it differs from an unconfirmed address may be found on PayPal’s site:
US/ Canada


What is a “verified” account?

A verified account means that you have taken the steps to provide additional evidence of your identity to PayPal.  Both buyers and sellers have additional protection and benefits when using or accepting verified accounts.


How do I become confirmed and verified?

PayPal has a few simple steps to follow once you are logged in to your account. These steps may include providing PayPal additional information to prove your identity. A guide to verifying your account status may be found here:



PayPal may be contacted directly to complete both the Payer Verification and Address Confirmation processes. This information can be found on PayPal’s website, or by calling PayPal.  Also, please understand that either process is not necessarily immediate; PayPal updates can take 24-72 hours, depending on the issue.



Still need help? For more support or information, contact Customer Service for your region.

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