2-1GB RAM: 1 slot

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2-1GB RAM: 1 slot

Bought 2-1GB RAMS for my Compaq Presario R3000, Order No. 24876004. The part came in yesterday and installed just one because my laptop had only 1 slot. I had to remove the old RAM so I could put the new one in. My laptop was scanned by Crucial and said that I could install 2-1GB RAMS because I had 2 slots. This was not true because I found out that there was only one slot. Should I return the other 1GB RAM (then I would need a RAM/return form) or is there a way to add another slot for that extra 1GB RAM/Part No. CT463907?


Thanks for any help.


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Re: 2-1GB RAM: 1 slot


Hi Ricardo,


The information we have on this system is that it should have two user accessible and upgradeable slots.  If you can only see one slot on the bottom of the system, the other may be hidden under the keyboard which is quite common for laptops.


We would recommend that you refer to your manual or contact the manufacturer to get specific instructions for accessing this on your model.


If it turns out it does only have one slot, you can certainly return it to us using the relevant link below:


UK/ EU Returns


US Returns



Maulmod, Crucial Moderator UK

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Bit Baby

Re: 2-1GB RAM: 1 slot

Hi rugalinato

did you resolve this problem?  I have the same problem as you the manual only instructs how to replace one slot and the other is presumably  'hidden'.

How did you do it?