Combining memory

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Combining memory

My Dell Dimension 4600 with Dual Inline Memory has (2) 256mg modules in it.  I ran the Crucial analysis and it recommends adding (4)1g modules and to remove the 512mg.  However the PC is running on 32 bits so from reading the site, I see it will recognize only 3g.  What would happen if I add (2)1g modules and leave the (2) 256mg modules in the PC?  If I do this, how can I check the PC to see if it is using the total 2.5 gigs?

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Re: Combining memory


Hi ncasar,


The recommendation given by the website is how to max out your system at a hardware level but you are quite right in that your 32-bit OS will only see between 3 and 3.5GB.

The 2GB kit upgrade is a good option for you and you can use this alongside your original 256MB modules without any problems.  The only thing we would suggest is that you put the new modules in the slots that are currently used and move the 256MBs to the empty slots as we always recommend that the largest modules are in the first bank.


Once you install the memory you can check it is recognised at a hardware level in the BIOS (at system start up) and then in Windows through your Control Panel.


I hope this helps!



Maulmod, Crucial Moderator UK

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