Computer Scan Results have changed

Kilobyte Kid

Computer Scan Results have changed

Hello, when I scanned my Dell desktop I was advised that the only option was to add a 512MB RAM. So  I ordered this.


Once I received the RAM, I ran the scan again (to get to the instructions as to how to fit) and the scan gave me three options - different to the original scan. One of the options was to add 1GB in the spare slot. If this had been an option on the original scan I would have ordered this instead.


I would like to return the 512MB and have it replaced with the 1GB one. The 512MB RM is all in the original packaging and not been opened.


Please advise.




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Re: Computer Scan Results have changed


Hi Jon,


I'm sorry for any confusion with the Scanner results.  It could be that the 1GB upgrade was overlooked (sometimes you have to scroll down to see 'All compatible upgrades') or the 1GB part may have been out of stock at the time and that is why it did not show online.


You have a 30 day moneyback guarantee so it is no problem to get this exchanged and our Customer Support department can take care of that for you.  Be sure to use the correct link for your location and reference your Dell model details so they can confirm the best option for you.


UK/EU Support


US Support



Maulmod, Crucial Moderator UK

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