Detailed Technical Specs of CT12864AC667

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Detailed Technical Specs of CT12864AC667



I'm working on a Xilinx FPGA based project where we just upgraded the ram to Crucial's CT12864AC667. Unknown at the time of purchase the system wasn't as Plug-And-Play as we thought. Instead we need to create a memory controller with the specific latencies for the ram in use.


Does crucial offer publicly any further documentation on values such as:

tRP - Minimum PRECHARGE command period

tWR - Minimum write recover time.

(there's quite a few more)


Thank you,


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Re: Detailed Technical Specs of CT12864AC667

This is the type of question I would recommend that you contact our Customer Support for. Depending on which build of CT12864AC667 you ahve, they may be able to provide you with a data sheet. Make sure you use the right link for your region.



US Customer Service

UK/EU Customer Service


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