Difference between 4200U and 4200E?

Kilobyte Kid

Difference between 4200U and 4200E?

I have two matched pairs of Micron 256MB DDR2, 533, CL4 sticks, but there are two small (?) differences:

The HP pulls are:

256MB 1Rx8 PC2-4200E-444-12-A0  part number MT9HTF327AY-53EB3


and the others, probably Apple pulls (because we have ~100 Apples, 12 Dells and 6 HPs) are:

256MB 1Rx16 PC2-4200U-444-12-A0  part number MT4HTF3264AY-53EB1


What do I have, where can I repurpose them, and why can I find listings for even the oldest chunks of Crucial RAM but not for these?





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Re: Difference between 4200U and 4200E?


Hi Dan,


You will not find these parts on the Crucial website as they are Micron part numbers, most likely supplied with the HP and Apple systems.  Crucial is the upgrade division of Micron and so we have separate part references that start with CT.  I have checked the spec of the parts for you and although it make look like a small difference with the different letters after the speed reference, these two parts are quite different and cannot be used in the same system. 


Part number MT9HTF327AY-53EB3 is 256MB 240-pin DIMM, PC2-4200 ECC Registered memory (normally used in servers) whereas MT4HTF3264AY-53EB1 is 256MB 240-pin DIMM, PC2-4200 Non-ECC Unbuffered (standard desktop part).


There are many systems that these parts could be used in (but not together) so we cannot give you a full list of possibilities.  If you have specific systems in mind you can use the Advisor Tool to check system specs and compatibility.


I hope this helps.



Maulmod, Crucial Moderator UK

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: Difference between 4200U and 4200E?

Thank you, that fits expectations but, obviously, I had lost the exact provenance of these parts.