Hardware configuration for installation of memory - Dell Inspiron 1501

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Hardware configuration for installation of memory - Dell Inspiron 1501

I have a Dell 1501 Inspiron. According to the tool on the Crucial site I could use a memory module kit containing 2 GB, 1 on each piece of memory. I followed the directions, released the first memory and was expecting the 2nd one to be directly below. A-DIMM was replaced with ease. But, B-DIMM is located adjacent to and not directly below A-DIMM. The only way to use the 2nd memory in my kit is to plug it in upside down to insure the keyed part of the board will fit. Is this o.k. I've not tried it yet. Or is there another type of memory possibly. Mine is side by side not up and down.

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Re: Hardware configuration for installation of memory - Dell Inspiron 1501


Hi camemory,


When it comes to installing memory the main thing is to align the notch between the gold pins with that in the slot, it does not matter whether that means the label is face up or down (please note the labels should never be removed as this will void your warranty).  The location of slots on a laptop can vary; sometimes they are side by side, one on top of the other or even in completely separate locations so what you are describing sounds normal.


You can go ahead and install the second part of your kit, general instructions can be found at the link below:


Once you align the notches, install at a 45 degree angle and put a bit of pressure on the module so that you hear a click before you slide the module flat into the slot. The gold pins should practically disappear from view once it is fully seated.

I hope this helps but please get back to us if you require further support.

Maulmod, Crucial Moderator UK

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