Huge problem DDR2

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Huge problem DDR2



I'am Expert at Hardware and software but faced a problem made me like novice Smiley Mad,


my PC is Fujistu P2510 which accept up to 4 GB DDR2 ,


my PC had 512 MB DDR2 PC2 4200 on 1 slot and the other slot is empty



I tried to upgrade RAM to 2GB (2X1GB) but the system is beep 4 time , I removed 1GB and the same sound (4 beeps)

I changed RAM and also slots and the same sound (4 Beeps) , I put the old 512 MB DDR2 at first slot and the other 1GB it is work fine but the actual RAM is only 1 GB . I exchange the slots and its run good with the same size (only 1 GB).


so >>>> the PC will  stop 4 beeps  only when the old 512MB is already at any one of slots either that will beeps


when i tried the crucial scan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG  the scanner says slot number 1 contains 1GB DDR2 and the other slot is empty. but actually one slot have 1GB DDR2 and the other slot have 512MB DDR2


my BIOS is up to date . and I rested the BIOS by Battery removing ... but the same problem appears

note: the new 1GB DDR2 is PC2 6400 


can any one help me to slove my problem.


Many Thanks in Advance



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Re: Huge problem DDR2

It sounds like you may have the wrong memory for the laptop, what is the exact model number of what you purchased?