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I've got a Macbook (model identifier Macbook3,1), which according to my research is a Rev D model, and therefore support 6GB of RAM, limited to 4GB of RAM by Apple. (DDR2 5300 speed of 667 MHz).


The Crucial scanner supports that research.


So I bought a matched set of 2gb sticks to the above specs, and after installing 1 of the sticks isn't recognised. Bank 1/DIMM 1 shows as empty, while Bank 0/DIMM 0 has my 2To make sure it was the stick, and not the slot, I switched them around. Now the empty slot is Bank 0, and the full slot is Bank 1.


After speaking to the online chat, he tells me that the scanner was wrong, and that it only supports 2GB, completely contrary to all online research suggesting otherwise. As I'd rather have 4GB then 2.5 (if I put in the old stick), I thought I would write all this down in the hopes that my research is right, as is the crucial scanner. 


Can anyone verify this, and tell me if it is a bad stick of memory? If it was just a limit on the amount of RAM the Macbook supports, why does it only ever recognise the one stick regardless of the bank it is in?





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To install 6GB in a MacBook you would need 3GB modules, which are not manufactured. Do you still have the scan result page? If not, please run our Mac Scanner and post a link to the results here so we can take a look at it and verify that you have the correct parts.


If you want, you can also call in to our Customer Support department with the scan results, and they will be able to both verify the parts and set up an exchange for you. Be sure to use the proper link for your location, and reference this thread so they can see the troubleshooting you have done.

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