Memory Timings List?

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Memory Timings List?

I notice several members asking for timings for their memory. Isn't there a complete list someplace for reference? If not, I just purchased 4x2Gb, CT25664AA1067 kit and no timings are listed on the memory, despite what others have suggested. Can someone give me the timings for this RAM?




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Re: Memory Timings List?

This memory you do not need to manually set the timings, as these modules are SPD.  The only modules where setting the timings manual are our Ballistix line of memory.  You should simply install this memory into the motherboard and let it set itself.  This memory has a CL of 7. 



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Kilobyte Kid

Re: Memory Timings List?

Well... CT25664AA1067 does not run at 1066 if I just install it as you've said. Cpuz reports the following configs:

Jedec#1 333

Jedec#2 400

Jedec#3 555


My motherboard m3a-glan picks Jedec#2 400 by default. I have an option in BIOS to force it to 533 (not 555) but then Windows 7 hangs after a couple of minutes. I guess I need the proper manually set timing (maybe voltage too?) to make it run at 533.