My system is recognizing only half of the new module's memory

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My system is recognizing only half of the new module's memory

I have install 2x 1Gb CT12864z335 184 pin PC2700 DIMM onto my MSI ms-7093 board.


This was following the recommendation from the Crucial hardware analysis tool.


My problem is that the system only shows 2Gb of RAM at start-up when it should show 3GB.


I re-ran the Crucial hardware analysis tool and it told be I had all four slots filled with 512Mb DIMMs.


Now I have either got the wrong chips (and I don't particularly want to pull the computer to bits again to find out) or I have the wrong chips in the wrong slots.


The board has 4 DIMM slots 2 blue-two black numbered 1-4


The original configuration was: 512Mb DIMM1 (Ch A) Blue; 512Mb DIMM2 (ChB) Blue


The configuration now is: 512 Mb DIMM1(Ch A) Blue; 1Gb DIMM2 (Ch B) Blue;  512MB DIMM (Ch A) Black;  1GB (Ch B) Black


I have tried to keep the memory densities consistant as per the advice sheets and motherboard user's guide but since | do not understand how dual channel setups work then its all a little bit of magic.


If anyone could tell me, either


1. What is wrong with the set up I have.

2. How dual channelling works

3. How they have solved the same problem,


they will make me a very happy bunny.





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Re: My system is recognizing only half of the new module's memory


Hi HappyDaze,


You definitely have the correct memory for your motherboard so it should be fully compatible.  We always recommend that the largest memory goes in the first slots or banks so you'll need to swap the positions of the old and new.  When you do this make sure that all of the modules are fully seated in their slots; align the notch between the gold pins and apply enough pressure for the gold pins to close automatically around the modules.  It could be that if two of the slots have never been occupied it is a little stiffer to push in and one of the modules may not be getting picked up.


If this does not help, the next thing to do is to try just the new memory, one module at a time in the first slot (i.e. the one nearest the processor/ fan) this will help determine if there is a problem with one of the parts.  You can also try each slot individually to make sure they are all fully functional.


I hope this helps but let us know if you need further help.



Maulmod, Crucial Moderator UK

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