New RAM fpr Apple Powerbook G4 does not fit

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New RAM fpr Apple Powerbook G4 does not fit

I bought 2 of these: "CT12864X335AP.Y16FYY 1GB 200-PIN SODIMM 128MX64 DDR PC2700 2 34.99 69.98
Pb-FREE" to upgrade the memory in the Apple Powerbook G4.
The chips do not fit in the slots. The groove between the two sets of pins is in a slightly different place to the groove on the existing memory chip in the Mac (the pins line up but the groove doesn't).
What should I do?

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Re: New RAM fpr Apple Powerbook G4 does not fit

It sounds as if you may have a DDR2 Powerbook, and not one that takes DDR. The part number you gave is for a DDR module, and the most noticeable difference between the two types of RAM is that the little notch is in different locations, off by just a little bit.


Look at your original memory and compare them to the new ones. Are the notches in different places? If you look in the system profiler, what does it say about your Apple memory? It would also be very helpful to know which specific G4 you have, if you have that information.


Once we know a bit more we'll move on to try and find a solution for you. Smiley Happy

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