Only 1GB of RAM recognized

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Only 1GB of RAM recognized

Very-Novice IT guy here.  Crucial's killer analysis program stated that my motherboard would accept 1GB RAM in each of its two slots.  I ordered there recommended RAM.


They will fit, but only 1GB is recognized under Control Panel/System (Windows XP).


I went from 256MB to 1GB (apparently since the other 1GB is not being recognized).

I put in both sticks of RAM and the machine did not boot.  Put in one and it booted with a lttle BIOS change; ran great.

Powered down and put the second in.  Ran great but no sign the machine recocgnizes the second RAM.


The machine runs like a racehorse now, but the other 1GB has got me stumped?  Any ideas??


Thanks, Merry Christmas.


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Re: Only 1GB of RAM recognized



With only one of the new parts in the system, does it recognize the full 1GB or only 512MB?  If it only shows 512MB, make sure you have the latest BIOS in the system.  If it shows the full 1GB, please try that same module that worked in the first slot, alone in the second slot.  If the system doesn't boot with memory alone in the second slot then either you have a bad slot, or the memory is not being seated correctly. 


If these suggestions don't answer the question, or resolve the issue, please contact our Tech Support department.  Be sure to use the proper link for your location.

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: Only 1GB of RAM recognized

is it showing up as 2gb but 1gb avaliable or just saying 1gb ram  if its showing as 2gb but 1gb avaliable then you most likely have shared graphics but if its just showing up as 1gb then its most likely ur pc will only read 1gb. Crucials scanning tool has been known to get it wrong every now and again just contact crucial and they will refund you second stick

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Re: Only 1GB of RAM recognized

Be sure to remove all the older memory as well, and put the new memory back into the same slots the old used to be in.