Opinion on Memory > Macbook> Lacie > MacPro

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Opinion on Memory > Macbook> Lacie > MacPro

I am operating on a MacBook  2 GHZ Intel Core Duo (Memory 2 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM)


I am in dire need for more space for upgrades, Snow Leopard and Mobile Me.

My External (Lacie) has currently backed up my system.  Do I simply delete the current folders ie. ITUNES, IPHOTO, IMOVIE from my Macbook knowing it is backed up on my Lacie?  I want to keep my itunes and iphoto for personal travel reasons....so...DO I BUY MORE MEMORY?  OR CONNECT IT WITH MY MACPRO?  I just hate the thought of my macbook being so naked.  

HOW/WHAT MEMORY DO I NEED for my MACBOOK? OR shall I just choke it up and delete programs on my MacBook and resort to having them on my Lacie or just Firewire it to my MacPro.  ah! too many options. 


Can you just come over and do all of this?  Smiley Happy


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Re: Opinion on Memory > Macbook> Lacie > MacPro


Hi ckl685,


Adding more memory to a system is definitely a way to make it faster especially if you are updating the operating system.


DRAM is a volatile storage solution so once power is removed, any data stored on it is lost.   It is used to give you more space to open more applications and therefore increase system performance.


If you have a small amount of physical memory in the system, only a small amount of data can be temporarily stored there. Once the system uses all the available physical memory it has to start using the hard drive to act like memory  to store data. The hard drive is a lot slower at delivering data than memory and its this process that slows down your system. If you increase the amount of memory in your system it means more data can be stored there and does not have to be sent to the hard drive.  The hard drive is non-volatile so it is a permanent storage solution.

Your system can support up to2GB of DDR2 memory, from your post I'm not sure if you already have this installed or if that is what you are interested in.  If you wish to upgrade you will find compatible parts at the links below:

UK Store

US Store

If you are already at your maximum RAM capacity then you may have to look at other ways to 'clean up' your system, and improve it's performance.  I would recommend contacting Apple for more advice on connecting it to your Mac Pro.

Maulmod, Crucial Moderator UK

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