P5P43TD with CT25664BA1067.16FF

Kilobyte Kid

P5P43TD with CT25664BA1067.16FF

I have bought the memory based on your advisor tool. The PC keep automatic rebooting from time to time and blue screen appear with memory dumping before reboot.



Motherboard: P5P43TD memory on slot A1 and B1, firware version 0402, All the bios setting on memory is on auto

Processor: Quad Core Q6600 (Temp: 35 to 40C) not O/C

HDD: Hitachi SATA 500G

OS: Vista 64


I just checked the QVL from asus and the compatible part is BL25664ABA1336.16SFB1


Please advise.






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Re: P5P43TD with CT25664BA1067.16FF

Does the computer work if install a different set of memory? If it does, please try these 2GB modules one at a time, in both slots, to check if it's a particular module or slot that is perhaps causing the issue. If the memory is bad we'll replace it, per our warranty.


You can contact Customer Support directly, or use the links on our RMA page to request an exchange. Be sure to use the proper link for your location, and reference this thread so they can see the troubleshooting you have done.

US Customer Service
US Warranty and Returns

UK/EU Customer Service
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