PC-6400 Availability?

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PC-6400 Availability?

I don't know if this is the right place to ask a question of Crucial, or if it's only for users, but here goes.


I have a Dell Latitude D610 laptop, with 2 slots but only 1 DIMM, 1GB, PC2-6400 (800MHz).  The Dell site recommends filling the second slot with the same, which is available there.  But the Crucial memory adviser recommends filling the second slot with a PC2-5300 (667 MHz), part# CT492732.  I'd rather stick with the PC-6400.  Searching for memory by characteristics rather than by the computer type, I come up with part# CT12864AC800 for the PC2-6400 and part# CT12864AC667 for the PC2-5300.  Hmm - two different part numbers for the PC-5300?  Are they the same unit?  (They seem to have identical specs.)  If so, then the other one (in blue) should work for me.  Correct?





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Re: PC-6400 Availability?

When you order online by system information, you are shown what we refer to as an “external” part number, in your case number CT492732. It is a system specific number and is mapped exclusively to the Latitude D610. The longer part number, CT12864AC667, is the one that you will see printed on your module, and that is the actual module part number, or the "base" part number. The two numbers are in other words two different ways of referring to the same part.


Please note that we can only guarantee compatibility if you order by system, since we sometimes need to filter out a certain build of a part. That said, if you already have a PC2-6400 in there that is working, then you should not have any issues adding another one of that speed. You can order the part here.


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