PowerBook G4 running hot after adding 1 gig

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PowerBook G4 running hot after adding 1 gig

I just added 1 gig on top of my existing 512. my mac is a G4 Powerbook 1.67 running osx 10.4. it has ddr2 sdram. It's running very hot now. any ideas? thanks!

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Re: PowerBook G4 running hot after adding 1 gig

Of course, you know we have to ask this. How are you determining the increase in heat? Are you using an onboard tool to measure? Does the room just feel warmer? Are you using an external thermostat to measure heat? I truly apologize for the questions, but we need to be certain before we can properly help you. Smiley Happy The reason is that memory rarely causes heat issues large enough to be recognized without deliberately measuring and/or checking. If it is causing heat issues that are abundantly noticeable, remove them at once and reinstall your original memory. You should then contact Crucial Customer Support and let them know about your heat issues. If you are not actually feeling the temperature increase, but are noticing it from a software application, will you please post your normal temps and the temps you are getting with the new modules, as well as which application/version (not your OS) you are using?!