RAM reporting incorrect speed

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RAM reporting incorrect speed


I just bought a 2GB RAM chip for an iMac (G5-2.1GHz, 20-inch). It is a DDR2 PC2-5300-667.

I have installed it in the Mac, and System Profiler recognises that it now has a 2GB chip installed, but sees it as a slower speed chip. It thinks it has a DDR2 PC2-3200-228 installed.

This is slower than the chip I am replacing. A 1GB DDR2 PC2-4200-444 which System Profiler reports as the correct speed.

Is it faulty??




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Re: RAM reporting incorrect speed

Hi Steve,

The module is not faulty, the speed discrepancy is actually caused by a bug in the System Profiler when PC2-5300 memory is installed (Apple standard memory is PC2-4200).

We can assure you that the PC2-5300 (DDR667) is running at PC2-4200 (DDR533) speed along with your original module and not the reported PC2-3200 (DDR400) speed.  Memory is backwards compatible so if the module was indeed PC2-3200 it would force your original to this speed as well, which its not.  Furthermore, your system does not support PC2-3200 so if this was the speed of the Crucial module it would not work in your system at all.

As far as we are aware there is no fix for this as technically there is nothing wrong but you may wish to contact Apple to see if there is a way to correct what is shown in the system profiler.

I know its a strange one but hopefully this clears it up for you.



Maulmod, Crucial Moderator UK

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