Scan states 4 slots but I only have 2.

Kilobyte Kid

Scan states 4 slots but I only have 2.

Ok, I should have looked first but I am new to all this and taking the lid off is frightening!!

Ran crucial scan - result as follows -


This clearly states that I have 4 slots but I only have 2. The 2 x 1gb installed are those that I bought wrongly thinking ( after the scan ) that they could increase my Ram to 3gb by leaving the 2 x exisiting 512mgs in situ.


Am I missing something here.

Thank you

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Re: Scan states 4 slots but I only have 2.


I am sorry for the error in the Scanner results.  Our System Scanner tool works accurately for most systems, but occasionally we encounter a discrepancy between a computer's actual specifications and the results our programme reports. Often this is due to an inaccuracy in the information provided by component manufacturers.  Unfortunately, this seems to be the case for your system.


The Scan has recognised your motherboard as a MS-7093 (RS480M2-IL) which does usually have four slots to upgrade, however it sounds like you have slightly different version so your maximum memory will be limited to 2GB over the two slots.  The memory you have should be fully compatible and although you are not able to get as much memory as you expected, you should see a good difference in performance since you are doubling what was originally in there. 



Maulmod, Crucial Moderator UK

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