Use PC3-8500S memory in PC2-5300 slots?

Bit Baby

Use PC3-8500S memory in PC2-5300 slots?

I just upgraded my 2009 Mac mini and now have 2X1GB PC3-8500S sticks. I have a 2006 mac mini core two duo that apparently takes DDR2 PC2-5300 RAM.  The old one only have 1GB (2x512) so I thought I'd upgrade it. Before I go ripping it apart to attempt the upgrade, I'd like to know if it would work. Did some basic google searching and couldn't find if it would work.





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Re: Use PC3-8500S memory in PC2-5300 slots?




Unfortunately the systems take two different types of memory; your new system uses DDR3 and the older one DDR2 so the modules you removed from the 2009 model would not physically fit in the 2006 (the notch between the gold pins is in a slightly different position).  Many newer systems will be using DDR3 RAM so you could possibly pass or sell it on so someone can get use of it.  Be sure to always check the specifications are correct before installing memory on any system.





Maulmod, Crucial Moderator UK

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Bit Baby

Re: Use PC3-8500S memory in PC2-5300 slots?

Thanks Maulmod. I figured as much but I thought I'd check.