256GB MX100 Wont boot in mac, HELP?

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256GB MX100 Wont boot in mac, HELP?

Hi all,


Firstly i would like to apologies if this has already been covered in another thread.


i purchased a SSD model number MX100 for my mid 2012 macbook pro and i could not get the thing to boot, i tried several different installation methods including cloning my old drive using carbon copy cloner , time machine back up , internet based recovery and various usb boots etc but all with the same outcome, upon the mac rebooting after install it will not boot up, i just get a prohibited sign and it flashing to the apple logo intermittently with the grey background.


i have been in contact with crucial and they advised me to try various different things like change the start up drive which obviously was not the issue.

i was sure the drive was faulty as i could pick up any other normal sata drive and install and boot from that no problem at all so eventually they told me it was faulty and give me RMA number and i received a replacement.


i have installed the replacement SSD and yes youve guessed it, it does the exact same thing!

i have been doing some googling and found that it might be a firmware issue but the firmware its running is MU01 which when i go on the support page for the drive it says there are no firmware up dates so im lost here, i also read that it could be a issue with osx yosemite and apple disabling "TRIM" this is all above and miles above my knowledge of computers.


i bought the same drive for a white 2009 macbook before i sold it and it worked first time in that so i didnt see any issues with a newer macbook pro.


anyway please if anybody could offer any help or suggestions it would be greatly appricated as this is now a new drive the problem surely cant be a faulty drive can it? 


here is what i get no matter which method i use to install if you can open this link https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bw77N-U_L7r1VFlKMVBqckZ3OGs/edit?pli=1


many thanks in advance!!



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Re: 256GB MX100 Wont boot in mac, HELP?

Since this seems to happen a bit with the macbook pro, I will repeat what I posted in this thread:

Perhaps there is a common problem with a SATA cable, a power supply issue or even the main logic board that would cause problems with more than one SSD. A faulty SATA cable seems to be a resonably common problem - at least more common that two faulty SSDs in a row.

Can you install OS X to the SSD and have it running o.k. when the SSD is mounted in an external USB enclosure?

If the SSD runs o.k. in a USB enclosure, but not when connected to the internal SATA connector, then that gives us a clue where the problem lies. In most cases it is likely to be the SATA cable.


Often the SATA cable isn't totally broken, but there might be some interference/impedence related problem. Sometimes an HDD works o.k. on the cable, but not the SSD, which isn't too surprsiing when the HDD is usually running at SATA-II speeds and the SSD is SATA-III.


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Re: 256GB MX100 Wont boot in mac, HELP?

Hi, thanks for the info.

Yes I can confirm I have just tried mounting the drive in a USB enclosure and holding down alt and booting from USB is working tried a few times to be sure and yes it seems to boot fine from USB.

I will try and locate a replacement sata cable and give that a go. Hopefully this will sort it out as this as dragged on for like 2 months now 😩

Thanks for the support I will update on my progress.

Re: 256GB MX100 Wont boot in mac, HELP?


Re: 256GB MX100 Wont boot in mac, HELP?

What?  There's a whole model range with a cable issue.  Widely reported across a variety of SSD controllers.  The problem is that it's a sata 3 connection with a data cable that can't hack sata 3 speeds.  The reason it's fine with a HDD is a HDD would be hard pushed to saturate sata 1,


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Kilobyte Kid

Re: 256GB MX100 Wont boot in mac, HELP?

Hi all! I seemed to have found a fix all be it a temp Fix

I have placed a piece of insulation under the ssd in between the cable and the ssd and it seems to work first time every time, the cable does not show any signs of damage, is it possible it's picking up interference from the aluminium body? I'm not sure but it I remove this foam it stops working again. I am still waiting the replacement sata cable but this seems to point to the cable being at fault here, I have taken some pictures I will try to upload.
Kilobyte Kid

Re: 256GB MX100 Wont boot in mac, HELP?

Macbook  - https://drive.google.com/folder/d/0Bw77N-U_L7r1RXFoNEI1ZWZrTmc/edit


Check here for pictures. I'm going to replace the cable anyway but at least for now for some reason this works. 

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Re: 256GB MX100 Wont boot in mac, HELP?

@summit48 wrote:


Understanding Typical Third party SSD Troubleshooting

1 The first thing to blame is the Mac Sata cable, even though the Sata cable worked perfectly with the HD.

 To the best of my knowledge, Apple never put a SATA-III Hard Disk in a Unibody Macbook Pro. So one obvious difference between Hard Disk and SSD is the speed.

It has been quite some time since I studied radio transmission line theory, but at UHF/microware frequencies we are not simply talking about pieces of wire, but instead we need to consider the SATA cable as a transmission line. At 3GHz, one wavelength is 10cm, a half wavelength is 5cm and one 1/4 wavelength is 2.5cm. I’m using the numbers for a vacuum here, close enough for this discussion.

Small defects in a transmission line can have interesting effects. For example an open circuit at one quarter wavelength from the source appears as a short circuit (at that one frequency) and vice versa.

In most cases we are not talking about a complete short circuit or open circuit, but a change in impedance that might increase the risk of interference to SATA signals.

If the cable works at 1.5Gb/s or 3Gb/s that does not mean it will work at 6Gb/s.


The main reason people suggest replacing the SATA cable, is that this has worked for a lot of people.
Some examples.

Solution: the issue ended up being the SATA cable that came with my macbook pro.

Solution: [The Apple technician] tested the cable and found that it was not working fully.

From the same thread (different poster): Bought a used SATA cable off ebay. Installed it and instantly my computer was back to normal.

Solution: got my cable SATA for MacBook Pro with i5 processor, anyway. I installed it and finally was able to recognize my new SSD, and even recognized my previous HDD which was not damaged but the cable did not work.

Solution: Got the replacement SATA cable today in the post. Fitted it no problem and the laptop is working again.

Multiple people with SATA cable problems in this thread:

Solution: SATA cable has arrived and been installed. Been using my MBP for about 4 hours now without any hiccups at all! Negotiated link speed is back to 6Gbps as well.

Solution for 2012 MBP: The new SATA-connector solved my problem.

Solution: The new SATA cable did work and now the SSD is readable inside my mac and is working properly.

Solution: transplanted my work mac sata cable in my home mac, the drive seems to be working now.

Two different posters in the same thread.
marcodognini: I solved the problem replacing the hard drive SATA cable.
kellingi: UPDATE: So i purchased the HDD cable from ifixit and my Mac finally recongnizes the SSD. Happy so far with the speed.

You will sometimes find some different problems.

In this case the SATA cable had come loose.

In this case, there appeared to be tarnished pins on the logic board connector:

In other cases it might have been something else, perhaps a logic board problem.


Which brings us to the second reason to suggest replacing the SATA cable. It's usually cheaper than most of the other things you can change on a Mac, such as the SSD or the logic board.

2 The second thing they get you to do is to put the SSD into a external USB enclosure. The reason they tell you to do this is to hide the incompatibility problems of the SSD controller talking to the Mac Sata controller. By placing the SSD into an external enclosure OS X is communicating with the USB port not the Sata controller on the SSD. Everything works when the SSD is placed in an external USB enclosure so problem has to be with the Mac.....WRONG. More often than not it is a problem with controller incompatibility in the SSD that needs to be fixed with a firmware update.

 No, people recommend putting the SSD in a external USB enclosure because it eliminates the SATA cable.


Perhaps if everyone had a spare SATA cable hanging around, we would just suggest swapping it over without messing around with the USB enclosure. But by suggesting that people put the SSD in a USB enclosure we can at least confirm that the SSD is working with the OS X operating system.

3 The third thing they try to tell you is that you don't need Trim. If they told you needed Trim, they will not be able to sell you a third party drive for your Mac.

This is a thread about someone that can't boot OS X.

You do not need Trim to boot OS X.





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Re: 256GB MX100 Wont boot in mac, HELP?

Edit: deleted most of this post as it was almost a complete duplicate of the previous post, which I thought had been removed by the moderators because it had too many links.

But now it appears to have come back again. Smiley Happy

summit48 - yes, there can be compatibility issues and one of the common ones is the Macbook Pro and other Macs from around 2009 with Nvidia MCP79 SATA controller.

These controllers have been problematic of some windows users too.
Apple don’t have a monopoly on compatibility issues.


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Re: 256GB MX100 Wont boot in mac, HELP?

@msw85 wrote:

Macbook  - https://drive.google.com/folder/d/0Bw77N-U_L7r1RXFoNEI1ZWZrTmc/edit


Check here for pictures. I'm going to replace the cable anyway but at least for now for some reason this works. 

Thanks for the pictures and good to get you got the Mac to boot again.


It looks like you found a short term solution at least. The only concern I would have is perhaps the foam might degrade over time with heat from the Mac.


Just as summit48 mentions - if might be good to do some sort of benchmark test to see if how it performs now. Then you have some reference if it gets worse later, or perhaps it might stay the same or improve with a new SATA cable.