BSoD followed by a Disk Read Error - Crucial M4

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Re: BSoD followed by a Disk Read Error - Crucial M4

The most common cause of the drive disappearing is sudden power loss.  When you are getting the BSOD, I'm guessing you are holding the power button to turn the system off?  Then to get it back, you are doing a power cycle.  Sure not exactly as we write it, but it is enough to bring it back. That being said, with the system up and running in Windows, you may consider looking at your system's event log to see what errors it shows.  This may help point us in the right direction as to a fix for your issue. 

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Re: BSoD followed by a Disk Read Error - Crucial M4

I received the same symptoms on Wednesday.  Client called to report a BSOD on their system purchased in Feb (approx 5000 hours earlier) and which had a128GB M4 installed.  Had them restart and the BSOD came back (I believe during Windows operation).  I  then went onsite with latest firmware in hand and upon booting from ISO, it could not see and identify the SSD.  Restart and entry into CMOS also did not show the drive.  Disconnected, took back to the shop and reconnected the system on the bench.  Drive reappeared upon subsequent startup.


Have since updated firmware to 010G (yesterday).  Drive fully recovered and have seen no further errors in [now] 24 hours.


Perhaps the key to regaining access was the removal of power... just don't know... but thought I'd at least report my observations on an extremely similar instance.  Good luck in resolving your own issue...