Bad Flash?

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Bad Flash?

Hi Guys/Gals, I am in need of assistance as I think one of my drives is messed up due to a bad flash.


I am running an Asus P8Z68 Deluxe motherboard and have a M4 hooked up to the first Intel SATA port, and I have another M4 hooked to the Marvell 9128 controller.


The one on the Intel port, well I bought it last year around August and it came with Firmware 0001. I had no problems with it all. Currently running Windows 7 on it.


The second drive I bought this past September and it too has been running fine. It came with firmware 000F. I installed the Evaluation copy of Windows 8 and have been testing my dual boot. This is off the Marvell controller as all my other ports are used up.


Anyway, I decided to update the firmware on my original drive to 000F. So I went ahead and downloaded the utility and ran it. It updated the original drive to 000F. But it also decided to reflash my other drive too.....the one that was already 000F. My original drive now running 000F is still running without any problems. But the second drive now is acting funny once in awhile and lags heavily to the point that I cannot use it. After a cold reboot, it may work just fine, until the next reboot at which point it becomes laggy again.


I have a non-UEFI bios on another computer and have been wondering if I should try updating to 010G. I am getting really frustrated by this as I don't understand why the firmware would update a drive when the firmware was the same. In retrospect, I wish I had unplugged the newer drive. My intent was only to update the original drive.


1. Should I reflash down and then back up to 000F?

2. Should I flash up to 010G?

3. RMA?

4. Should I have updated it from an Intel controller as opposed to the Marvell one?


Thanks for any insight.


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Dual Channel Surfer

Re: Bad Flash?

Did you use the windows utility or the bootable CD image?

The bootable CD is probably more reliable.


1. It is possible to flash down to 0309 firmware if you want to try that.

2. Some people have had problems with 010G so search these forums before you try that one.

3. RMA process can take some time so I'd have another go at flashing from the bootable CD first.

4. Not sure if it matters which controller.  I think some people might have had to set the controller to IDE mode in BIOS before flashing (then return to AHCI before booting the OS).


To flash using CDROM follow the links and instructions here:

- Download the ISO
- Burn the ISO to a disc
- Ensure your CD/DVD drive is set as the primary boot device and boot from the disc
- Follow the on screen instructions to install firmware 000F

If you don't want to burn a CD, you can use a USB pendrive using the procedure mentioned here:


Kilobyte Kid

Re: Bad Flash?

Hi Alex,


Thanks for the reply. I used the Windows utility for the previous flash. I believe I am going to go with my gut and try the 010G via bootable media on my old Core 2 Duo system with the non UEFI bios. If the drives becomes unstable then I will revert back to 000F. Will post back and see what happens. Its a non-critical drive for me since I am using it to evaluate Windows 8. No loss if it screws up and I have to format or something. My other Crucial drive is working great.

Kilobyte Kid

Re: Bad Flash?



So I used my old Core 2 system to reflash the drive to 010G. I used the manual method.  Reconnected to my PC and all seems to be running fine. Tried a couple of reboots and no problems yet with any lagging. Hope it stays that way.