Copy OS X + Boot Camp to new M500

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Copy OS X + Boot Camp to new M500

Hello, I just received my new 960 GB M500. I need to replace a 1 TB HD in my Mac Book Pro (Early 2011) that has an OS X partition + a Boot Camp Partition. I would like not to reinstall all my software. Is there a tool that can help me migrate both partitions to the new hard drive? Please consider that the new HD is a bit smaller than the old one.


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Re: Copy OS X + Boot Camp to new M500

Hi abeneventi,


I am sorry for the delay in response. There is a way to transfer the OSX  and the Boot Camp partition by using the Acronis software we offer here.  We have a few videos on YouTube that you may follow for the transfer instructions. We would recommend transferring the OSX first and the instructions can be found here. After the OSX is installed you can follow the instructions for transferring the Boot Camp partition here. Please let us know if there's anything else we can help you with.

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