Crucial M500 480GB Windows 7/8 Experience

Kilobyte Kid

Crucial M500 480GB Windows 7/8 Experience

I recently purchased a 480GB M500 SSD (pre-installed with firmware MU03) and I feel that I need to share my experience with it.  The SSD was bought to replace a 256GB M4 which was starting to run out of space on my Dell laptop (never had any issues with it).  I first started off by cloning my current disk using an external hard drive enclosure to hold the new SSD and some cloning software.  The operating system was Windows 8.1 64 bit updated with the most recent fixes.  However upon installing the M500 SSD I was experiencing random  freezes where my system would just lock up and task manager would show that the disk was 100% active and this did not cease (NOTE: Task manager didn’t show a process that was causing this).  The only way of stopping this was to hold down the power switch to do a hard reset of the laptop.


As a result of this, I decided to update the firmware from MU03 to MU05 and install a fresh copy of Windows 8.1 64 bit.  The firmware was updated by downloading the ISO, burning it to DVD and booting to the DVD which went seamlessly and only took a few minutes to complete.  I managed to re-install Windows 8.1 without any problems but the freezing was back, albeit not as frequent.


After hours of trying to diagnose the issue, reading forums, downloading drivers, trying fixes other internet/forums users suggested I finally gave up.  I was just about to contact Crucial when I decided to try one last thing.  I also have Windows 7 64 bit so I decided to do a fresh install of that. I noticed that a few forum users had problems with Windows 7 recognising the SSD but I didn’t have any.  Upon completion of the install, everything is working as expected, the SSD is really fast and I don’t have any lock ups.  I also forgot how much I like Windows 7.


From all my issues I can only assume that there is some sort of incompatibility between my laptop, Windows 8 64 bit and the SSD.

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: Crucial M500 480GB Windows 7/8 Experience

Hello, I have the same problem as you have when I used WINDOWS 8.1, I'm sure about it's a compatibility problem with WIDNOWS8.1. The solution is to install back to WINDOWS8. For specific, you can see my thread


Re: Crucial M500 480GB Windows 7/8 Experience

I'm using Windows 8.1 so it's not a problem with 8.1 per-se.  There must be some other variable in play as the OP notes between his hardware (or software maybe), the drive and 8.1

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