Crucial M500 in MBP optibay - Freezes and beachballs galore (again)

Kilobyte Kid

Crucial M500 in MBP optibay - Freezes and beachballs galore (again)

This is the second time I've put a crucial SSD into a macbook pro superdrive slot with optibay.

First time was my last computer. A Crucial M400 512 gb drive with an optibay mod in the superdrive and using it as the startup OS drive. Beachballs and freezing all the time. Figured there was something wrong with that one or it shouldn't be the OS drive. 

Now to my current macbook pro which is a 15" 2013 model. This one came with a 512 factory SSD which I've left alone. Works great. I had already put a 7200rpm HD in the superdrive slot which worked pretty well, but when the crucial M500 came out, I decided to try it in the superdrive slot instead. So I just put the M500 into the optibay, replacing my 7200 rpm hd. Now again I get pops and clicks with sample instruments on the SSD and beachballs galore, even just uysing itunes or copying files around.

Anyone else come across this? This is twice in a row with two different macbook pros and two different crucial drives.


I read that there used to be issues with  6g SSDs in the optical drive for 2011 models but it's supposed to be ok for recent models isn't it?



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Crucial Employee

Re: Crucial M500 in MBP optibay - Freezes and beachballs galore (again)

Hi RJ,


First of all I would like to say sorry for the problems you have had with your SSD.


We generally don't recommend our SSD's for the optibay but instead we recommend them to be connected to the main drive bay in the system.  I know some customers have been able to use our SSD's in the optibay on past SSD revisions but it's generally not what we recommend.


I will pass your question on to our tech lab to have a look at to see if we currently have a solution and I will update you with the findings.  Once again sorry for the problems you have had and we will certainly investigate it.

Crucial_Junket, Crucial Moderator, UK

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