Loving my 512GB M4

Kilobyte Kid

Loving my 512GB M4

I am loving this drive. I was a bit hesitant after reading about some of the issues on here. But I am happy so far.

Day one, it was working very good with only an occasional delay for no reason. Day two (today) after doing all my windows and other software updates, I upgraded to the 002 firmware. Everything is smooth as silk. I should have done this first, but it was working very well as it was.


I bought the one with the included cable and cloning software. This worked flawlessly. I cloned the drive and had it up and running in well under and hour. Probably closer to a half an hour but I didn't watch the clock that closely. I was really amazed at how well this whole process went. So far I am impressed "Crucial" I have always been a loyal customer of a competitor. You have a larger drive available and that brought me to you. So far I am impressed... 

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Re: Loving my 512GB M4

Glad to hear you got it all up and running smoothly. Smiley Happy

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