M4 64GB/ RAID0 on 990FX performance issue


Re: M4 64GB/ RAID0 on 990FX performance issue

It depends on your board manufacturer as to whether you have the option:


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Kilobyte Kid

Re: M4 64GB/ RAID0 on 990FX performance issue

I don't know what about ASRock boards but ASUS and MSI should make max transfer without any aditional options.

Even that you can't enable cache options in RAID ROM or RAIDXpert , ASUS boards are making max sequential transfer but random transfers are really low. In my case 2x M4 64GB are making a bit more than 1GB/s max sequential read on ASUS CHVF. Simply install system on latest AMD RAID drivers and it should work.

I asked about it on ASUS/ROG forums but no answer.

Seems like best RAID ROM has Gigabyte but their boards have problems with vdrop and in some BIOS versions are missing options like APM or core management ( at least all 990FX boards in rev 1.0 ).

Bit Baby

Re: M4 64GB/ RAID0 on 990FX performance issue

Hi there .

The problem is in the tripe block of the RAID controller of your MB UD5 ,if you know any one with a AMD Asus FX990 sabertooth MB you can have a faster and same read write on the RAID controller by Making the Raid 0 in the sabertooth MB (use the same port and mark the SSD or HDD you put in the particular sata ports) for example SSD 1 in SATA port 1 mark it , and SSD 2 on SATA port 2 also mark it, make the RAID 0 in the Asus MB with 256k stripe on a 4000MB block ( and also do the same SSD 1 in sata port 1 and your marked SSD 2 in sata port 2).

The UD5 has max 2000MB block (stripe) on a 256 k . While the asus MB sabertooth FX990 you can do 256k on a 4000MB block that is some performance boost on large files not small files. So you would have the same spec as  Fabric said when you have not any OS installed on the RAID 0. When you intall an OS on the RAID 0 it will not meet the spec sheet (it will be a little bit slower by 50 MB write ), read will be almost the same Spec in RAID 0 Whit OS installed on it.

You have to put the marked SSD in the same ports of the UD5 as you make the RAID 0 in the Asus Sabertooth FX990 .

The RAID controller is the same and would see the RAID 0 but with the 4000MB block .