M4 mSATA SSD, BIOS fails to reconise

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M4 mSATA SSD, BIOS fails to reconise



I am having the same issue many people have posted on here about before, my BIOS will not see my mSATA SSD. I have tried power cycles of 20-30 minutes on, 2 minutes off. I have also tried a power cycle with my laptop switched on for 12 hours, and off for 5 minutes.


As this is a mSATA drive, I cannot hook it up with only power and leave the data cable unpluged.


I have tried power cycles with the SATA controller switched off.


I have tried booting from a Partied Magic LiveCD.


Can anyone please help me sort this? is there anymore tips? other advice?


Thank you,



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Kilobyte Kid

Re: M4 mSATA SSD, BIOS fails to reconise

I don't recommend doing this, but I had a backup and I'm just fed up with the M4.  I booted into Parted Magic, which usually makes the SSD visible again, but this time it didn't.  While booted in Parted Magic, I removed and plugged back in the M4 in my laptop and suddenly a few programs in Parted Magic were able to "see" my M4 again.  I was then able to start Win8 again and run chkdsk which again found more Bad Sectors.