M500 480GB slow

Kilobyte Kid

M500 480GB slow



I've just purchased an M500 480GB from amazon.


The first drive i received as was locking up my computer after a few hours use and seemd slow.


The replacement is not locking up but still seems slow it is only a little faster than my previous WD4500HLHX.


My Motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R and I've read bout the problems with the marvell SATA3 connections so I purchased a Startech 2 port PCIE card and I understand that this will not get full SATA3 performance but I think I should be getting better performance than I am.



I've checked all drivers are current, I've tried using the built in Intel ports, I've tried using the built in marvel ports, and I'm currently using an add in PCIE card which uses the Marvell 9128 chipset.


I've changed the sata cables, I've checked the partition alignment.


I'm using windows 8 with all the latest patches.


I cloned my boot drive to the M500 using Paragon's migrate OS to SSD (initially I backed up with acronis and restored to the M500).


Is there anything I'm missing?


Did I ought to returning this drive as well?


Thanks in advance for any assistance.






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Re: M500 480GB slow

That benchmark speed suggests the slot you are using is PCI Express v1.


The specs for board are somewhat inconclusive but at least hint at the fact that the 1x slots are indeed PCi Express v1: http://www.legitreviews.com/gigabyte-ga-x58a-ud3r-rev-2-0-motherboard-review_1473 (by going to the trouble of specifying that the rest of the slots are PCI Express 2 but neglecting to specify the 1x slots)


So the solution would be to move your card to one of the 8x slots.  Or if all your other PCi E slots are in use, then instead use the boards sata 2 controllers.




Also, I hate to tell you this, but that Startech card is still a marvell 91xx controller according to the driver it is using!  There's only two types of cheap sata 3 cards you can get - marvell and asmedia.

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Silicon Sultan

Re: M500 480GB slow

looks about right for marvell sataII

Silicon Sultan

Re: M500 480GB slow

i would use the native intel sataII ports. you will get much better performance where it counts, i.e., small file performance. those cheap add in cards/marvell onboard controllers are the last controller you should use any ssd on. if you must use the marvell, try turning off write caching from within windows storage options for the controller. for some reason, this may improve the numbers you are seeing, but really i would urge you to use your mobo's native sataII intel ports for overall best performance
Kilobyte Kid

Re: M500 480GB slow

Hello again,


Thanks for your help and suggestions.


I moved the marvell controller to a pciex16-2 slot and this improved the sequential read and writes to faster than using the native intel ports but the small file reads were much slower.

crucial startech PCIE2x.JPG


I then removed the add-in card and connected the m500 to port 0 of the native IDE controller and got this result.




I had read over on the gigabyte forums that the add-in controller should be quicker than the native ports and so it is for sequential writes if it is in a pciex 2 slot but the overall performance is better with the native intel slots.


So I'm sticking with intel ports till I get a new motherboard.


Thanks for all your help.Smiley Happy

Silicon Sultan

Re: M500 480GB slow

you are most welcome Smiley Wink