M500 Restart Loop after update firmware mu05

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M500 Restart Loop after update firmware mu05



       After I update my firmware to MU05.  Everytime I boot to this drive is keep showing 2 message below then restart and keep looping forever. Even format the drive it still happen, I can use this as a second drive storage. I still can see this drive in windows. but I want to install windows on this drive But I can't boot into this drive. Before update I still can boot into windwos on this drive. Is there anyway to downgrade it back to previous verson? Please help Thank you.

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Re: M500 Restart Loop after update firmware mu05



I think there is no need to downgrade it back to previous verson and the issue is most likelky caused by some Storage Executive boot record leftovers left on hidden boot partition. With regular format you will not clear that partition but you can clear the drive and reset it to an uninitialized state with diskpart command run in elevated command prompt - http://forum.crucial.com/t5/The-Cru/Reset-your-SSD-to-factory-settings-Windows-DiskPart/ba-p/162503

The most important part in this is to choose proper drive during clean operation.

DISKPART> list disk
DISKPART> select disk 1
(you have to choose and be sure that the particular number, like 1, is assigned to your M500 you would like to clean)

DISKPART> list partition
(just to ensure you have the correct disk listed, your M500)


If you would feel like this is not the task for you, the simple way would be to Sanitize drive with Crucial Storage Executive or secure erase with Parted Magic, there is a nice video guide for that.

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