M500 SSD Not Recognized by Windows 7 Installation Disk

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Re: M500 SSD Not Recognized by Windows 7 Installation Disk

Solution: In order to get the Win7 SP1 installation DVD to recognize my SSD drive was to write a MBR to the drive.


I had to bring the computer to a professional and let him solve the problem.  The Forum and Crucial e-mail support were getting too labor intensive for me to handle.  PWO did a fine job.


I'm careful now to install 64-bit drivers instead of the previous 32-bit ones.  The SSD has a bunch of bad sectors on it, but according to the Forum, I just have to keep an eye on those with Check Disk.


PWO had a SATA power cable that I observed connect separatrely to the SSD.  The Apricorn DriveWire's SATA power cable is all in one unit with the other SSD drive connections.  The power cable to the DriveWire has a polarity to it designated by diagonal corner notches in the plug.  There is a Caution warning right there on the DriveWire to observe the directionality of inserting the power cable and now I know it's there for a purpose!

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Re: M500 SSD Not Recognized by Windows 7 Installation Disk



Thank you for updating us and letting us know what you had to do to solve the issues you were having with your SSD. Please let us know if there's anything else we may help you with.

YogiH, Crucial Moderator, US

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Binary Boss

Re: M500 SSD Not Recognized by Windows 7 Installation Disk

Connecting the power cord to the Apricorn DriveWire with the SSD connected zaps the drive and deletes its contents, not merely putting the cord on backwards.


  • To power up an Apricorn DriveWire Sata adapter plug the power cord into an OFF power strip, into the DriveWire, connect the SSD, power on the strip, and then handle as a USB drive.

Now the drive is again no longer visible by the Windows 7 installation DVD.


  • To make the drive visible by the Windows 7 installation DVD navigate to where the drive is to be selected and it cannot be found; press shift+F10 to get the command prompt; type in disk part to get DISKPART; type in list disk to get the listing of the disks present (the SSD will likely be disk 0); type in select disk 0 if the SSD is disk 0; type in clean; close command prompt; close all windows to shutdown windows; reboot the computer and the drive is now visible in the list for drives on which to install Windows 7 SP1 (vanilla Windows 7 will not work for an install, but will work to clean the drive to make it visible (per PWO)).
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Kilobyte Kid

Re: M500 SSD 240 won't load CD program - Windows 7 Installation Disk

PC is off, CD (Easy Laptop Install kit) in CD drive.

SSD connected to USB2 port

Switch on and CD starts to load, only it gets past the choose language then stalls on the command line window rolling script at the following line ''Kernal Panic - not syncing...

Anybody got any ideas 1) what's causing this, 2) How can I get it to install?

Many thanks in advance



Binary Boss

Re: M500 SSD 240 won't load CD program - Windows 7 Installation Disk

Hello jono,


I am not sure that you have received the same error code that I did; But I had to place the new M500 SSD in the harddrive slot of my laptop and put the old HDD on the USB2 port.  I cloned inward from the HDD to the SSD booting from the CD drive like you are doing.


I was cloning a drive, I am not sure what you are trying to do when you are using the Easy Laptop Install Kit.  For whatever, I needed to have the SSD in the laptop to get things to work for me.


Hope I can add a help to the mix,



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Kilobyte Kid

Re: M500 SSD Not Recognized by Windows 7 Installation Disk

Hi i think i'm having the same problem with a new m500 too but am not too sure how to execute what you guys did to resolve the problem.


I'm using a laptop lenovo g450 20022, HDD is on windows 7 home sp1. Bios can identify the drive but does not show up in windows 7 installation drive option. Didnt matter whether it was connected to the PCI slot or the hdd slot.


Cleaned SSD using diskpart. Not sure what else to do...


Could use some help please. Thank you.


Really frustrating.