MX100 A TCG error Win 8.1 N

Kilobyte Kid

MX100 A TCG error Win 8.1 N

Hello there community! I'm having some small issues and it seems that other people are having the same ones with the MX100 when using 8.1

It seems that before the BSOD, an ATCG error occurs which usually has something to do with drive encryption... but i do not use bitlocker or anything of the sort.

Here is the full error found in eventviewer:
"A TCG Command has returned an error.
Desc: AuthenticateSession
Param1: 0x1
Param2: 0x60000001C
Param3: 0x900000006
Param4: 0x0
Status: 0x1"

Usually this is followed by a kernel-power error due to the computer either completely locking up or simply crashing into BSOD.
I'm using a 990FX chipset motherboard along with an 8350. I'm using the AMD controller for the drive. I currently have two drives attatched to the AMD controller.
I will be making a switch to intel in the comming few days, i will update this post to see if the AMD controller/drivers are to blame.


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Kilobyte Kid

Re: MX100 A TCG error Win 8.1 N

Switched mobo and cpu, errors persist but the bluescreens are completely gone. I'm guessing AMD SATA/AHCI drivers were to blame.