MX100 vs MX550 512GB SSDs, why the price dif?

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MX100 vs MX550 512GB SSDs, why the price dif?

Hi Folks,

I am looking at the MX100 512GB and noticed that the price difference between it and the M550 512GB is as much as $60.00 in some places on line. Of course, I used the "Compare" tool Crucial offers in their store site but that was a zero spec, mirror image, of the two with exception of the "MX100" & "M550" names.


I have several SSDs and my fastest, is a Plextor M5Pro 256GB. In fact, I bought a Samsung 850 EVO 500GB almost a year ago because the ads claimed speeds faster than the Plextor. I was disappointed when I found that this was not true at all.


In fact, the Samsung Drive could barely keep up with the Plextor and only if I had installed some “special” software supplied by Samsung called “Rapid”. However, “Rapid” was stealing too much of my RAM and God knows what it was doing behind the scenes every time I booted up. I removed their software, (an event that took some doing, special research and additional third-party software).


Unfortunately, my Plextor M5 Pro is maxed out and I must go to a larger SSD. The Samsung 500 GB is dedicated to my operating system and several Windows programs.


The Plextor was dedicated to the Microsoft Flight Simulator X program and the many high-resolution add-on scenery and aircraft. That software requires a fast drive and I’m looking at Crucial as the one to replace the Plextor.


What gets me is the difference in price between the MX 100 and the M 550. It seems like the price differences aren’t great enough to reflect much of a performance difference, yet it could possibly be a reflection of a higher quality microelectronics.


So, does anyone know if there’s much of a difference in speed between these 2?



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Re: MX100 vs MX550 512GB SSDs, why the price dif?

This has been answered lots of times before. Smiley Happy


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Re: MX100 vs MX550 512GB SSDs, why the price dif?

Thank YOU! I almost forgot I asked that question, lol. I had my notification settings correct but that won't do any good if I don't check the section in my email in which it would be stored.


Anyway, I did buy the MX100/512gb and I'm much happier with it than the Samsung 850 EVO, (or is it "840"...), 500GB. It's faster, and doesn't require some "magic Software" like "Rapid" to make it run at its fastest speed.


That Samsung software was terrible. It was running in the background doing, God knows what, (it certainly hammered 4% to 7% of my 16GB of RAM non-stop), and the speed increase was barely mentionable and certainly not noticeable. I wound up removing/disabling that software, (once it's in the O/S, removing it becomes a lot trickier).


Just a little FYI as to why the Crucial SSDs are a far better drive as a whole, than the Samsung’s I’ve experienced:


Samsung offers and claims that their Software, (for their SSDs only), will increase their SSD speeds beyond the initial installation specs, i.e.; default speeds as advertised. However, I suspect that they cutback the SSD speeds in the factory deliberately. Then they offer this "Free" Rapid software to their customers as a 'exclusive SSD speed-booster.


Of course, most people install it and don't realize that the software is a "monitoring Trojan" that tells Samsung what type of products/devices/software you, as an individual, are interested in. The unsuspecting customer actually has to agree to that and they do when they "activate" the Rapid program.


It's all there in the fine print during the installation process and if you don't check the "Agree" or some other confirmation button, it will cancel the installation process right there and then!


So you’re left with your Samsung SSD running slower than the one your neighbor bought, (because he "agreed"). I bought mine last year to use as a dedicated O/S drive, (with a few Adobe and Windows Office programs as will), and do not intend to buy another.


I also own a Plextor M5Pro 256GB SSD, which was the drive I replaced with the Samsung for lack of room. The Plextor is a fast, premium drive but it’s pricey. I used it as a dedicated drive for my Flight Sim software and add-ons but I ran out of room.


Enter the Crucial MX100 512GB, which replaced the Plextor. I’ll assign the Plextor to a new ‘job description’ but as I said, the Crucial does a great job!


Thanks again,