Pre-boot auth / key management software for the M500

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Pre-boot auth / key management software for the M500

Hi all,


we would like to use the SED capability of the M500 drives in a small office with six computers.


Each computer is a Windows/Linux dual-boot machine (so I guess using BitLocker is out of the picture), and on each machine, we would like to allow the unlocking of the drive with at least two passwords (normal user and admin, but maybe also another normal user).


We do not need the passwords centrally managed: our staff seems small enough for doing key management manually, and we're unsure how this works in practise with our mostly Linux-centric admins.


Do you know or can you please recommend a software that can help us with managing the drives?


That is, we'd need just a bit more flexibility than is provided by the BIOS-implemented ATA Security feature, but - afaics - not a full enterprise solution.  (Of couse, if a small-office solution that works with Linux provides centralized key management and single-sign on, we'd love to learn about it as well. Smiley Happy )


I've searched the web for hours, but it seems as if little exists between the cumbersome BIOS ATA Security and the 10000-devices enterprise solutions. In fact, I've found nothing, and would be very happy about any help!


Many thanks for your patience and help!


Best regards,
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Re: Pre-boot auth / key management software for the M500

Hi Carsten,


Thank you for contacting us today. We do have a few recommendations you may look into, Wave Systems and WinMagic as mentioned here, but I am not entirely sure that they will meet your requirements. I would recommend looking into and see. I am sorry that we can't recommend more than those two. Good luck with your research!

YogiH, Crucial Moderator, US

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