Problem with m550 legacy drive

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Problem with m550 legacy drive

Drive: Crucial m550 512GB SSD

OS: Windows 10 (fall creators update)

Platform: AMD, 8GB ram


I bought my m550 some years back and recently the SSD developed an error on my AMD machine. The AMD RaidXpert software alerted me to some irrecoverable sectors and Windows became unstable. When I re-booted, the RAID software informed me the m550 was offline. I had to take it out and replace the drive with a Seagate Momentus XT drive (somewhat more reliable). Managed to install Windows 10 after many hours of update, downloaded Crucial Memory Executive. Tried to flash the firmware but ended up with segmentation error if I didn't check the box not to reboot. I ticked the box not to reboot while updating firmware and everything was fine. Firmware flashed correctly, rebooted, AMD RAID software in BIOS was able to see the drive, everything went fine until I tried to boot back into Windows. There and then the nightmare re-started, RAIDXpert generated the errors, m550 became offline again.


According to the Crucial Memory Executive, my m550 drive is healthy, everything was working. I was able to use a Sabrent SSD cable to back up all my data, BUT I am unable to get the RAID software to recognise the drive. I dreaded to do the memory or power recycle process because some had said it bricked their drive. I am also unable to get any warranty info on my drive.


So what can I do now?

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Re: Problem with m550 legacy drive

The M550 had a 3 year warranty but is likely to be more than 3 years old based on the models release date Smiley Sad


I'm not sure what power cycle process you mean?  This one: certainly doesn't brick drives and I've never seen anyone claim it does?  But people would only be running it if they had a problem and it can't fix all problems so the worst possible scenario is that it doesn't help?


I'm not sure about Storage Executive but CrystalDiskInfo largely declares the drives healthy as long as they aren't too worn.  Since the SMART values don't have any threshold values set to raise an error at.  So are you sure there are no issues showing in the SMART data?  Pending Reallocations or anything?  Post up the data if unsure (obscure any serial numbers).

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