SSD M4 128 - need to power cycle it every 2-3 days now

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SSD M4 128 - need to power cycle it every 2-3 days now



I have a Crucial M4 SSD, 128GB, latest Firmware 070H

Its in the system now since fall 2011

In 2013 it happened the first time that the system did not recognize the SSD.

I found out that I can power-cycle it. Connect it only to the power-source and let it run for 20-30 minutes will do the job. Then the system will recognize it again.

Worked fine for another year...then I had to power cycle again.


Now since the last few weeks it turned out that I have to power-cycle the SSD every 2-3 days. Not recognized-powercycle-fine.


Is there any other idea how I can stop that? Some special way I should turn down my system? Some other windows driver I have to update??


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Re: SSD M4 128 - need to power cycle it every 2-3 days now

Hi bodomalo,


Is it happening after reboot, cold boot or during OS use? I guess it is after cold boot but please confirm.

I think I would search for BIOS update and reseat the drive. If you are using SATA-PCI controller reseat the drive and the controller card.

You can post SMART data in order we could take a look at it for you - with CrystalDiskInfo use 'Edit > Copy' option, just please remove drive's serial number.

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